On Selected Services

Repair Fees

Diagnostic – £20

A diagnostic fee will only be charged if you decide not to proceed with the suggested repair

Full Windows reinstall – WAS £75  NOW £50 – OVER 30% OFF !!!

Includes backup of your data, and reinstall of your programs, provided you have the install media/activation keys etc.

Malware removal – WAS £60  NOW £45 – OVER 20% OFF !!!

This applies unless the malware infection is deemed serious enough to require a full reinstall of Windows, in which case the reinstall fee applies

Replace laptop screen – WAS £40  NOW £30 – OVER 20% OFF !!!

Plus the cost of the screen – typically £35 to £60, though this may vary

PC Tune up – WAS £50 – NOW £45 – 10% OFF

A full hardware and software check/optimisation carried out in our workshop. Typical turn round time 2 working days

Work onsite – hourly rate – £30  NOW £20 – OVER 30% OFF

Some issues can only be addressed on site – e.g., internet connectivity, home networks, printer installations etc. First hour £30, thereafter in 15 minute increments

Smartphone/Tablet screen – £CALL

Depends on the device, what needs replacing, cost of parts, availability of parts etc.

Anything else! – £CALL




Due to the multiplicity of makes and models, we do not keep many parts in stock, preferring to order as required


Most parts can be obtained on a next working day basis, but we will let you know before ordering


You will be charged the price we pay plus 20%, plus the shipping charge (if applicable). You are welcome to obtain your own part(s) for us to use, but unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to handle warranty claims on your behalf


We will select the best parts for any repair and if you have any problems, we will claim on the manufacturers guarantee on your behalf

Parts – a warning!

Unfortunately, PC’s are not like washing machines, or vacuum cleaners, or dishwashers, etc. In the case of these domestic appliances, parts may be manufactured and supplied many years after production of the original machine ended. With PC’s, compatible parts may not be available for what seems like a quite recent machine, and may result in the need to replace more than just the failed component. We will warn you if this turns out to be the case with your device