PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones – great when  they’re working, frustrating when they’re not!

It’s hard to remember a time when these devices weren’t so vital to everyday life, so lots of “downtime” isn’t really an option these days. However, when it comes to fixing these things, wouldn’t it be nice to have the issues explained in plain English, rather than in some obscure “techno-speak”! Modern devices are rather like modern cars – they are actually remarkably reliable despite their great complexity, but when they do go wrong the cost can be rather scary…and this is made worse when the teenager you’ve called in to fix it starts speaking to you in what sounds like a foreign language. Here at Cherry Park Computers, we try to speak English (most of the time!) and keep the technobabble down to the minimum. We collect your device from your home, diagnose the problem in our workshop, and deliver it back to you at a mutually convenient time. We’ll tell you what it’s going to cost you before we do anything, and you choose whether or not to proceed with the suggested repair.