Cherry Park Computers was formed in 2007 by Paul Robinson.

Paul has been working in IT since the mid 1980’s. He was employed as an analyst with a major bank in the south of England, where he specialized in software development.

However, he has always been keenly interested in all aspects of personal computing, including PC hardware, having built and maintained several PC’s for himself, and others. Then in his (late!) forties, he took the decision to turn professional at the end of 2006, and in early 2007, Cherry Park Computers was born.

Based in North Cotes, Cherry Park Computers offer a reasonably priced, professional service, for all your PC, and other tech related needs. Whether it’s a slow or “crashing” machine, a broken laptop screen, a printer or other peripheral needing installation, etc., call Cherry Park Computers on (01472) 898216 or (07811) 379981 for help.

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